Keeping Control Of a Sissy

The thought of you bent over, in your humbler, balls stretched back, far, real far…. does wonders for me. However, the thought of this, plus you in stockings, your sexy black dress, wig, makeup, your new large plug up your ass, and you sucking on your penis gag, thinking of them not as balls, but as useless sissy marbles does even more for me!

Prepare to Be a Humbled Sissy

Humbled Sissy

Humbled Sissy

So, prepare yourself like a good sissy would, dress real pretty for me, I want the reddest lipstick, the sluttiest makeup, and I hope you’ve been taking care of the wig! However, I understand how hard it is to get into the mood, so right before you get ready, you need a good fucking. Fuck that pussy ass for me – go on, hard, fast… loosen it up! No touching that little clit of yours! Do this for a good 15 minutes. Now that that sissy hole is good and loose, put the plug up your ass.

Once you are all pretty, let’s place the humbler on you. Make it tight, pull those sissy marbles as I would, and you know how that would be! Now you look good for me… but there is something missing…. Let’s see, what could it be? Oh, Oh, I know, your ass needs to be red, I mean really red. Let’s spank that ass of yours a good 300 times. I want it as red as that slutty red lipstick! Once your ass is red, the last thing we need to do in put that penis gag in your mouth, after all, a good sissy slut always has a cock in her mouth. Now, don’t you look pretty!

Show Me you Are a Humbled Sissy

Of course, it would be easy for you to just relax now and enjoy your slutty self, but you know me, I work my sluts. Therefore, while you are all slutty for me, you will do the following (and in this order):

  1. Write a thank you note to me, thanking me for allowing you to do this. It has to be at least 200 words.
  2. Look up 10 sissy pictures for me, yes, I want them posted. I also want the links where you got them.
  3. Kneel for me, head down, with ass in air. Do this for 20 minutes.
  4. Remove the gag and do an audio for me, or give me a call so you can read your thank you note to me.

Of course, you will send me thank you note with the pictures…bonus points if one is a picture of you – preferable plugged, with your ass in the air waiting for my strap-on!  Good luck my humbled slutty one!