Feminization Mistress Delia

I am so sick of pink!

Pink Is Not The Only Color

There seems to be a very predominant color for my sissies – and that color is pink! Your lacy, satiny panties are pink, your bras are pink, that sexy babydoll nightie you wear for me is pink. Why do you think that is? Is it because pink is such a girlie color? You know, blue for boys, pink for girls? Is it because you really don’t like your sissy clit, and you’d rather have a pretty, pink pussy? Well, I’m kind of pinked out, so for the love of god and all that’s holy let’s pick some other colors for your wardrobe!

Black Could Be The New Pink

You wear pink panties and bras, but then, if you don’t go sheer, you put on black pantyhose or silky thigh highs. Sissy, those colors just don’t go together! So, how about some black French cut bikini panties and a black demi-bra to go along with those hose? And do they call it a Little Pink Dress? No, they don’t, they call it a Little BLACK Dress! Black is mysterious and just a tiny bit evil….

How About Slutty Red?

Pink does give you that sissy girlie look, but I know that what you really want to be is Ms. Delia’s slutty sissy, don’t you? Slutty sissies who get on their knees and suck cock, or bend over and spread their ass for my strap-on need to look the part – so I want you in a red lacy thong! So much easier to just slide that skinny fabric over to the side and nestle the head of my cock against your horny hole! Oh, and the contrast of my big black strap-on against the red of your panties just appeals to my sense of fashion!

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