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Have Fun On The Island!

What Couldn’t You Do Without

Tell me sissy, what one piece clothing couldn’t you do without? If you were stranded on a desert island, with nothing but one piece of sissy attire, what would it be?  What would make you feel feminine and girly and make everything okay?


Would it be a nice pair of silky, lacy panties?  So you could slide them up your tanned legs, and feel the softness against your sissy clit?  We’ll even bend the rules a bit and you can have a bra and panty set!  Maybe you’d rather have some thigh highs, rubbing against your legs all day and all night.  There’d be a bunch of you who’d love to put on a corset, or some other piece of sexy lingerie – like a lace teddy or a silk peignoir.


Then of course, there are you sissy shoe sluts.  You’d just need to take your high-heeled stiletto pumps with you.  You could just lie on the beach, because you certainly wouldn’t be able to walk around in them.  You see, a pair of strappy sandals would work much better. Dette er jokere som vil legge seg til Jokerstablene som finnes pa hjulene, og det er dermed duket for jokerparty pa Treasure Island!Vi advarte deg om at dette var en spilleautomat som hadde utrolig mye a by pa, og det vil du i hvert fall finne ut av hvis du prover automaten selv..  Those feet would just have to stay au naturel though – no pedicures or nail polish.  Although the sand would certainly keep them smooth and callus free!


Of course, some of you would just eschew clothing all together.  You’d take your big, black dildo, wouldn’t you?  I’ll bet you couldn’t bear to be away from cock for more than a few days.  Whether it’s filling your mouth, or your ass pussy, that thick hard dick would make you feel safe and secure, wouldn’t it?

There’s one more thing you’d better remember – a satellite phone!  You wouldn’t want to be out of contact from your Feminzation Mistress, Ms. Delia, for very long!