Andi_11_Hello everyone over at femfabulous I am Princess Andi from  

I am so excited. Ms. Delia wrote  about petticoats over on my blog and I don’t know about you but I am loving petticoats!

Just between us gurls–Princess Andi makes a confession

I have a little confession to make. Tee-hee Don’t you just love confessions? I know– I do. However, I rarely make them, I usually listen to them, so relax,  because, you are in for a rare treat.

Ready for My confession sissies? I used to square dance. Yup! You read right. I used to square dance for years on a weekly basis. I am from the mountains of NC so square dancing after school is something a lot of us.would do after school.

I totally forgot about this and earlier this month, while looking for something in my attic. I came across a box with my name written across the top. I didn’t recognise the box even though I recognized the handwriting across the box. When I opened the box–much  to my delight it was some of my old dancing clothes.  A pair of ballerina slippers, a leotard and to my satisfaction, a couple pairs of pettipants!

That’s right, your sissy loving phone sex  Princess wore pettipants when I went square dancing. To this day I still enjoy a good do-si-do

A brief lesson on pettipants


pettipantsFor those that don’t know– pettipants  are a type of lingerie worn by woman. Pettipants Petti from the French word Petit and pants.  Meaning small pants.  Pettipants were quite popular  in the 1960s to protect a ladies modesty and allow her the freedom to play sports.  During the height of fashion woman would wear pettipants, under dresses, skirts and under  any other garment a woman would wear that would require her modesty remain protected.

Pettipants usually don’t go any longer then the knee and some have lace  other styles have  ruffles. *sighs* I do love the ruffles! The ones I found in my attic have ruffles. Even though pettipants are not a popular clothing item of today,  they are still popular among Square dancers and many sissies that love sexy lingerie –like them because they are  comfortable to wear, help prevent chafing in the warmer months and they don’t ride up.

 Why Princess Andi likes sissies in pettipants

I personally,  like using pettipants, especially– in the early stages of a sissies feminization  training.  Especially,  when she is still learning how to conduct herself as a lady. Wearing pettipants can help avoid some very embarrassing faux paus.   Think Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton… You get the idea. You want to draw the right kind of attention to yourself. You are a lady.

I am curious about you– how many of you have heard about pettipants? Do you own a pair?  Between  Ms. Delias Petticoats and my pettipants. You are going to look fabulous!

Thank you Ms. Delia, I really enjoyed reminiscing about pettipants and swapping blogs for a day.

Have a femfabulous day ladies!

Princess Andi