Maybe some lingerie like this?

Maybe some lingerie like this?

Sissy’s Lingerie

What kind of lingerie should a sissy wear?  Why, sexy lingerie, of course!  You need panties and thongs and corsets to wear under those sexy, short cocktail dresses.  Or maybe, you just need something to wear in the privacy of your home, to reinforce what a sexy sissy you are becoming – a bustier and g-string perhaps.  Some lace topped thigh high’s held up by a garter belt.

Picking Out Some Lingerie

Make sure you go back and read my series about how to pick out a corset.  That would certainly be a piece of lingerie that would make you feel sexy as it pulls your waist in tight and gives you that hourglass figure.  Get some breast forms for yourself, and that corset will help lift them up and give you some deep cleavage.

You Want Those Men Hard

Won’t you look so slutty and get your boyfriend so hard when you answer the door in nothing but a bustier?  I especially like the ones that have the garter straps attached.  That way you only need one to wear one piece of clothing – because, let’s face it, sissy whores like you DON’T wear panties.  And that means there’s only one piece of clothing he has to get off of you ro get you naked.  Then again, since you’re not wearing any panties, your ass-pussy is already exposed and available, so why even bother getting you naked?  HE can just bend you over and go balls deep before you even realize what’s happened!


Ms. Delia’s 12-Step Sissy Program


Step 1 – I Need To Be Pretty

Step 2 – I Need To Feel Sexy

Step 3 – I Need To Wear The Highest Heels

Step 4 – I Need To Wear The Shortest Skirts