Rules for Sissies: Part 1

Rule #1: A Sissy Does not Have a Cock; a Sissy has a Clitty

The first rule of becoming a sissy.  Once you make a commitment to becoming a sissy, you need to realize, you no longer have a cock.  Men have cocks! Okay, some are really small and should only be called a penis.  Cocks are for pleasuring women, and that’s no longer your focus.  I will always refer to what you have as your sissy clitty, and you will as well.  You’ll no longer stroke a cock.  You will rub your clitty.

Rule #2: A Sissy Wears a Bra and Panties

At the very least!  This, however, is the absolute minimum for a start.  When you first become a sissy, any bra and any panty will do.  However, as you go deeper and deeper into feminization, I’ll expect that your bra and panty sets match.  No trailer trash for my sissies!  You’re going to be a high-class slut.  And don’t worry, before long, you will have quite the collection along with stockings, heels, skirts, blouses, and dresses!

Rule #3: A Sissy Loves Cock

Since you no longer have a cock, you can’t please women, at least not sexually.  Believe me, turning you into a sissy cock whore pleases me immensely!  Your life will now revolve around pleasing men, especially their big, hard, throbbing cocks.  You need to love the cock in order to become the best sissy you can be!  Spoiler alert, you’ll also need to love cum as well!