Rules for Sissies, Part 2

Rule#4: A Sissy Loves Cum

Admit it!  You know you love cum!  You love that feeling as a cock swells in your mouth just before it’s about to explode! Think of the warm, gooey feeling as he squirts all over your tongue.  That salty, sweet bitterness of a nice big load and the feeling as that cream slides down your throat and into your tummy.  You even love it when men pull out and you can feel those ropes of cum shooting out and landing on your face, your chest, and in your hair.  Letting it dry is a mark of your cum loving fetish!

Rule#5: A Sissy Takes it in the Ass

A sissy has a role , and that is to always please men.  Sure, some men are content with a masterful blowjob, but most men?  Well, the cock sucking is just foreplay.  They want to fuck something!  And the only other thing you have to offer is your sissy pussy!  You love a big, throbbing cock deep in your bum, too, don’t you sissy?

Rule#6: A Sissy Loves Pink

Pink is such a feminine color, isn’t it?  When you’re wearing pink there is no one who can mistake you for a man! Think about ALL the shades of pink.  We have hot pink, soft pastel pinks, dark or light. And you adore pink, lacy panties and bras.  You can add satin pink sleep shirts, baby dolls, corsets, and nighties. Do not forget the pink fingernails and toenails.  Finish things off with a pink lipstick  Oh, and let’s not forget that pretty pink clitty cage!  Sissies should always be in pink!