Rules for Sissies, Part 3

Rule#7: A Sissy Loves Her Toys

Come now, sissy, you know I don’t mean your teddy bears and dolls.  When I say a sissy loves her toys, I’m talking about much more adult items.  Since there’s never a cock around when you need it, you know how much you just can’t get enough of your vibrators and dildos!  Locked up sissies love their Hitachi Magic Wands so they can rub their sissy clit through their cage!  Of course, I haven’t met a sissy yet who can be a good gurl all the time.  Luckily you’ve got a paddle to play with, huh?

Rule#8: A Sissy Dresses Like a Slut

What have I always told you a sissy’s reason for being is? That’s right, it’s to please men – or more importantly, their cocks!  What do you think is more pleasing to a man?  You dressed in sweatpants, a baggy sweatshirt and flip-flops?  OR you in a micro-mini dress, lace tops of your thigh highs showing just below the hem and tottering on a pair of 6-inch stiletto heels?  When you dress like a sissy slut, men always know you are ready, willing and able!

Rule#9: Sissies Love Facials

Yes, spa day could be fun and relaxing, but that isn’t the facial we’re talking about, is it, sissy strumpet?  Remember Rule#4 – Sissies Love Cum?  Well, I know that not only do you like to swallow jizz, you like to wear it as a badge of honor all over your face, don’t you?  It’s incontrovertible evidence that you are a sissy extraordinaire, who knows just how to take care of and serve her Master, don’t you?