Rules For Sissies – Sissy Sluts That Is!

Are you a sissy slut?  Oh, I am sure you are. You are all about showing yourself off, and getting into sluttiness everytime you put on those hot pink ruffle panties! But to be a sissy slut, you need to follow these rules.

 A Sissy Will Fuck Anywhere

Sure, you’d prefer to get railed on the sofa, or in a nice comfortable bed, but when the need for cock is strong, anywhere will do.  The back room at a bar?  Check.  The alley behind the bar?  Check.  Back seat of a car?  The gym locker room?  Doesn’t matter where, when a slut needs the D, she’s going to take it!

Sissies Love To Plug

Remember last week when I said that to become a Pro Cock Sucker you needed to practice?  Well, you need practice keeping that sissy pussy open and ready for action, which is why you love keeping that bum plugged!  It’s not just about being ready for action though, is it?  You also just love that feeling of fullness, don’t you?

Every Sissy Dreams Of Being A Bimbo

You want to be an empty-headed, mindless fuckdoll – a bimbo.  You don’t want to think about anything except the next cock.  Dreaming about having a cock in your mouth or inside you boi pussy just makes that sissy clit twitch, doesn’t it?  Being a bimbo means never having to worry about anything except what’s most important in your life – dick!