Now, my dear darling sissies, have you been reading my blogs?  Have you been talking to me in IM, or better yet, on the phone?  Then

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You are MY sissy!

you know I recently relocated from cold, dreary New England to the South.   And I want to tell you about my stop at a cute little truck stop on my wonderful road trip.  You’d be amazed at what you can find on the internet.  A kink friend of mine sent me an add for what was advertised as a “unique” stop along my route.  Boy was I in for a surprise! A sissy surprise!

Sissy Truck Stop

I contacted some kinky friends in that area, and made a plan! I figured “unique” meant there would be some stripping going on there, which was right up my alley.   I had sent Jack along ahead a few days early to get everything situated, so I was getting lonely on my drive.  I was looking for fun with sissies, and I found it!  When I walked in though, the whole bar was filled with ladies.or so I thought at first glance.  I guess my first clue was when one of them turned around and “she” had a full beard!  That’s right you sluts, I walked into a casino online er og byr pa en dognapen” target=”_blank”>cross-dressing, sissy truck stop!

Sissies Want To Feel Like Real Women

All those sissies, in their miniskirts, their ball gowns, their heels, some made up and very passable, some like my bearded friend, loved having a real girl there.  My kink friend knew the owner, and had announced my arrival, so I was treated like royalty! Oh and the sissies sought advice! They wanted to know if I found them sexy, if I thought they were pretty.  We danced and laughed, and then one of them, a very shy  sissy asked me, very softly, her voice quaking, if I could really make her feel like a real woman.  I just smiled and took her by the hand, and we went outside.  I stopped at my car and grabbed my toy bag.(well, you didn’t think I was going to pack everything so Jack could have some fun by himself with all our toys, did you?)

Oh?  You want to know what happens next?  Well, you just have to read Part II of my Sissy Truckstop adventure.