Ms. Delia

I am so proud of you sissy!

You Are, Sissy!

You’ve finished, and now, my beautiful, wonderful sissy, you are what you wanted to be.  You’re a real live gurl – a sissy girl!  That sissy slut inside of you has come out and blossomed and flourished, and now you can act like the gurl you’ve always wanted to be.

Girls Want To Be You

You’re so sexy and confident now, aren’t you?  The way you strut on your high heels, how you show off those sexy legs underneath those short skirts.  The way you have no fear when approaching men, because you know you can please them and give them the greatest time of their lives.  Better than any real girl can, right?

Guys Want You

You are so sexy, in your pretty panties and your sexy lingerie.  They know you’re a pleasure whore, ready to take care of their every need.  They love how they can push you to your knees, and you’ll pull that cock out of their pants and just start sucking away.  How they can bend you over and you’ll open your ass pussy to them.  How you’re always, ready, willing and able to please and take all the cum they have to offer.  You’re a slutty, sissy bitch, and they love you for it.  Because they know you need nothing – except their cock and their cum.  And they’re so willing to provide, filling your mouth, your ass and covering your body with their jizz.  And if that doesn’t mark you as a real live gurl, I don’t know what does!

Ms. Delia’s 12-Step Sissy Program


Step 1 – I Need To Be Pretty

Step 2 – I Need To Feel Sexy

Step 3 – I Need To Wear The Highest Heels

Step 4 – I Need To Wear The Shortest Skirts

Step 5 – I Need To Wear The Sexiest Lingerie

Step 6 – I Need To Be Obedient

Step 7 – I Need To Be Enslaved

Step 8 – I Need A Mistress To Want Me

Step 9 – I Need To Have A Real Mistress Or Man

Step 10 – I Need To Be Addicted To Cock

Step 11 – I Need To Be A Sissy Slut