If you want to know how we got to this point, my with a sissy in a sleeper cab, make sure you read Part I!

A Purple Truck

Sexy Legs

Sexy Sissies are the BEST

That’s right, readers, my new sissy trucker had herself a purple truck! Complete with a sleeper in the back.  Obviously she wore those high heels all the time, because she didn’t have any problem scrambling up into there.  Your Feminization Mistress?  Well, let’s just say sexy heels are not designed to climb up on a tractor trailer’s running boards!  But, my shy sissy offered support and helped me in.

Those Sleepers Are BIG!

I’m pretty sure it was bigger than my first apartment.  And, loathe as I am to admit this, it was prettier too.  There were satin sheets on the bed, and a frilly lace duvet.  And let me tell you, my sissy was no slouch either.  Now there were girly bois in that bar who would never pass, but this transgender could easily walk down a street, and unless you looked close, you’d never know she had a hard, throbbing sissy clit underneath everything.

A Sexy, Slutty Sissy

She was made up with fuck me red lipstick, and a smoky and sultry eye shadow and mascara.  She wore a blonde wig, that fell in curls down to her shoulders.  The blouse was cut low, and you could see her pink, lacy bra underneath, filled with c-cup breastforms.  Her legs were very sexy, in black, back seamed stockings – and those seams ran right up the back of her leg, disappearing under a short, tartan miniskirt.  This sissy was all about appearances, and she looked like my kind of  slutty fuckdoll!

Oh, it’s just getting good, so make sure you check back for Part III…