Getting That Sissy Beach Body Ready

Are You Ready To Be My Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbo?

You gotten your manicure and pedicure, you’ve taken a slutty sissy bath, shaved off all that unsightly hair and moisturized that skin, so I think you are more than ready for some beach fun, aren’t you sissy?  You NEED a sissy beach body! Well, you’re going to be showing a lot of skin, and we want that protected – leather looks good on girls, but leathery skin is such a turn-off!  So, get naked and get some sunscreen, preferably one with a moisturizer in it and rub it all over your body.  I DeliaBeachLogknow it’s slippery, but don’t linger too long on that sissy clit!

A Sexy Bathing Suit

Beach Blanket Sissy Bimbos DO NOT wear a one-piece!  So get yourself a teeny bikini, preferably one that barely covers anything!  Cups that just cover your nipples and a thong bottom – hope you put lots of sunscreen on those cheeks!  You can throw on a cover-up, but the skimpier the better – no sarongs – make sure it doesn’t extend past mid-thigh. After all, you will show off that sissy beach body for me!


You need those legs to look long and lean, so you’ll need to find some high-heeled sandals.  You can bring along a pair of flip-flops for the sand, but if you’re on the boardwalk, sidewalk or the parking lot, those heels go on!  Do up your hair, put on some very light make-up, and you’re ready to head out to the beach.  I’m sure you’ll be turning heads wherever you go!  You’ll probably get a cock to suck, or even get your anal cherry popped behind the dunes in the moonlight!