Wouldn't this be cute for Spring?

Wouldn’t this be cute for Spring?

Spring Has Sprung, Sissy!

Okay, maybe not for all of you. I know some of my Northern Sissies still have about 7 feet of snow on the ground! We had winter here in Florida, too – for about a week the temps actually dipped down in the 50’s! Regardless, I think it’s time for my sissies to head into the closet – or, if you’re already there, look around a bit – and pull out your spring clothes.


C’mon sissies, it’s time to put away those tights. Time to pull out your sheer pantyhose or thigh highs…oh you slut! Oh, and before you do, shave off all that winter hair! You could hide them underneath those opaque tights, but not under those sheer stockings. When the weather gets warmer, I dare you to go bare!

Bright Colors For The Spring Sissy

Let’s try to get away from those browns, those blacks and that dull beige, shall we? How about some pretty violet or indigo panty and bra sets? Okay, I’ll even let you go pink, but c’mon, let’s try to find some other colors, shall we. And do forget those pretty, floral patterned sundresses! Nothing says spring. You can ever accessorize, and put a flower in your hair, tucked behind your ear. I love it when my sissies are pretty!


Time to put away those Uggs, and pull out your open toed stilettos and your strappy sandals. Just remember, sexy feet mean you’re probably going to have to get a pedicure. Why don’t you make your way down to the local salon and treat yourself to a sissy spa day?

Once you’ve rearranged that closet, why don’t you give your Feminization Mistress, Ms. Delia, a call, turn on that cam and give me a Sissy Spring Fashion show?