Why should sissy denial be necessary? I mean do sissies ever really need cum denial? Of course they do! I had the opportunity to put a favorite sissy snob, lillian, into a state of tease and denial for one week. This really was for sissy’s own good!

Sissy Denial

Sissy Denial Keeps you submissive!

Why Deny a Sissy?

When a sissy has a sissygasm, at times bad things can happen and this was the case with lillian who became a total SNOB after her release. Sure, she loved to release, but often this is what happened she told me:

Every single time after i release i get this dirty, guilty feeling like what I am doing is wrong. Like I always tell myself I am never going to do this again. I lose all my interest in being dominated, and treated like a sissy once i cum. I don’t know it just feels wrong once I cum. I can’t really explain it. But sooner or later the feeling to serve comes back

And for this reason sissy cock control and denial was crucial to lillian to keep her in that sissy space!

A Week’s Worth of Denial Assignments

Sissy lillian had to do three things each day to accompany her denial:


  1. She had to watch sissy porn
  2. Edging that sissy clit for the entire time she watched a porn video
  3. Denying that sissy clit after her session
  4. Report her assignment to me every day in Yahoo IM

Reporting Denial

She did well phoning her Feminization Mistress, and did do a good job of updating. This is my favorite one:

i just finished my assignment for today. I was thinking about the new name you gave me and it almost made me make a mess. Also because I was just thinking about how it could be you and me in the video I watched, I almost made a mistake Mistress Delia. I was watching another video and thought about if one day during one of our cam sessions you decided to broadcast me to all of your girlfriends. Just that thought alone almost made me spill my sissy juice. But you probably think that is a good idea to share me with all of your girlfriends. So if you like it I guess I like it too.

Feminization Mistress Delia

Feminization Mistress Delia

Resolve to be a better sissy! I know my sissy, lillian can become such a snob if she is allowed to release. I truly feel the way to keep a sissy in her sweet, submissive space is to use denial as a reinforcer to submission. Are you a sissy who needs some denial so you can stay sweetly submissive?