Sissy Masturbation

Sissy masturbation  is a topic I just love! Having a sissygasm is one thing I feel each sissy must learn. Always rub, never stroke, and if you are a slutty sissy, enjoy anal penetration! But let’s get back to those panties and teasing. Sometimes, I like to have you stroke in your panties. That feeling of the silk sliding over your throbbing hard sissy clit feels so naughty, doesn’t it?

Masturbating Sissy

Masturbating Sissy

Sissy Masturbation Panty Protection

When you have been teasing and enjoying those sexy feelings for a while, all that teasing, denial and edging can lead to you producing a lot of pre-cum, and we don’t want that to ruin your panties, and especially do not want to leave a stain!

Honestly, the solution to the problem is easy, and a little sissy shopping trip is in order. (I KNOW how you LOVE to shop) So today you will take a trip down to your local pharmacy and purchase a box of panty liners! These are oh so much better than a handful of sticky tissues!

Think about what a humiliated sissy you will be when you bring your purchase up to the counter, and the cashier looks at you knowing that you’re purchasing them for yourself! She WILL know. The cashiers always seem to give you that knowing smile, don’t they?

Prepared for Sissy Masturbation

When you return home most of your embarrassment should be gone, and it is time to get down to playing. Now, I know that sissy clit may be small, but that makes it perfect for stimulation with a pocket rocket vibrator!

You’re going to get off like a real girl does, because that is the way I think EVERY sissy should orgasm when allowed! Here is what you need to do: rub that vibrator all over your clit. Edge yourself at least 5 times before you even think about asking for permission to cum. And do know that it would really please me if you held out for as long as you could, before you finally orgasm. And guess what you get to have… a squirting orgasm! We girls love those! But for the privilege of that orgasm, and as a sissy slut you MUST lick all your cum out of those panties before you hand-wash them and put them away.

Have a femfabulous time with sissy masturbation!

Ms. Delia