Perfect Pumps

Perfect Pumps

Sexy Legs

Well, we’ve already made a good start in how to dress a sissy.  To continue on the road to sissfying you, we need to pick out the right sissy dress.  We’ve got the foundation, now we need a nice pair of high heels to go along with those sexy panties, bra and silky thigh highs.  In the next steps, we’re going to talk about sexy skirts, so we’e going to show off those legs.  And nothing makes those legs look hot like a pair of sky high “fuck-me” heels!

Why High Heels Make You Look Sexy

Heels force you to stand up taller.  That makes your legs look longer, slimmer and sexier.  Remember, you’re trying to attract men, and while some men are ass-men, and some are breast-men, there are a lot who just swoon over a pair of hot legs.  The higher those heels, the better those legs look.  And there’s certainly something to be said about the sluttiness of those very high-heeled stilettos.  They don’t call them “fuck-me” pumps for nothing!

Learn How To Strut

You may need to start out short.  Nothing looks worse than a sissy tottering around in 6-inch heels because she hasn’t practiced how to walk in them.  Start with 3-inch heels first.  You may even want to sue some wedge heels to begin, because they’ll give you a more stable platform than stilettos.  Go ahead and walk around in them any time you can.  Swing those hips, and try to put your feet down in a line right down the middle of your body.  That’ll make.  You want to perfect your slut strut!  As you get comfortable at one height, move to the next.  Before you know it you’ll have a sexy booty shake and be turning all the guy’s heads!


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