In Part 1, I talked about bra and panty sets.  Now that we’ve got that sissy clit and those breasts covered up, let’s what we can do about those sexy legs.

Stockings Or Not?

I didn’t touch on this in the last post, but you can get those sets with a garter belt, or even with garter straps attached to the panties.  Stockings can make your smooth shaved legs (you do shave, sissy, don’t you?) look sexier.  And of course, thigh high’s leave everything else “accessible”, and they have a certain, slutty allure to them.  Of course, your legs may be tanned, toned and smooth, and you don’t need the stockings.  The choice is up to you!

Perfect Pumps

Perfect Pumps


To get really sexy legs, you need the right shoes.  Flats aren’t going to do it, sissy.  You need something with a heel.  They actually make your legs look longer and sexier – and they don’t call them “fuck-me” pumps for nothing!  Don’t rush out and buy some 6-inch stilettos, though.  You need to start out with something smaller, maybe even with a platform heel, so you can train yourself how to walk in them.  Better yet, turn on your web cam and give me a call, and I’ll help you perfect that sexy strut.  The shoes really do make the sissy!

Other Shoes

Stilettos are the epitome of sexy to some guys, but others are really into other kinds.  Some guys want those stilettos with an open toe, because secretly, they are foot fetishists!  Others are really into sandals, so they can admire your entire foot.  Just make sure if you’re going to wear those to take care of your feet – no one wants to see toe jam or rough callused peds!  Other guys really go for that sexy school gurl look, so you might want to pick up a pair of Mary Janes to add to your collection!