Bras and panties

My bra and panties match!

You Want To Be A Sissy

You’ve had this desire forever to be a sexy, slutty sissy, but where do you begin?  You can’t just jump into it, sucking cock and taking dicks in your sissy pussy.  Without some sissy clothes, you’re just another guy who likes bobbing on the knob and being anally invaded.  No, if you want to start down the sissy road, you’ll need some things to get you started

Bra And Panty Sets

“Wait, Ms. Delia,” I hear you say, “I have bras and panties.”  Yes, my sweet sissy, but do they match?  I’m sure you have a few panties and some bras, but they’re probably just something you picked up when they struck your fancy as you were trolling the internet.  No self-respecting sexy real woman would be caught dead in something that doesn’t match.  If you want to be a real gurl, you’re going to need matching bra and panty sets.

Mix And Match

The best thing to do is buy matching sets.  The color and the styling is going to be exactly the same since they were made to be together.  Now, before you throw away what you already have, we can rescue them.  It will take some work on your part, but you’re going to be going where you love to be – the lingerie store!  That’s right sissy, you can bag up all your mismatched bras and panties, and head off to Vicky’s.  I’m sure the girls there will help you match up what you have.  The question is, will you be a brave sissy, and tell them the bras and panties are for you?  Or will you chicken out, and make up some girlfriend you’re buying them for?