Now that your face is so pretty and smooth after our last post’s shaving and softening lesson, you are ready to put on some makeup!

Buying Makeup – The Basics

The easiest way to buy makeup honestly is to make an appointment to go into a store or to a beauty counter and have professionals match your skin tones to different colors. This is a big investment and will result in more products than you likely need for day to day, but it IS something you want to do at least once! Heck, I do it about once a year to play with my look! But, let’s go for a fresh-faced look.

Buying Makeup – The Fresh Face

You will need just a few things for a fresh-faced look.

  1. Foundation or BB Cream – Get something moisturizing.
  2. Pressed powder – This will take the shine away from your face.
  3. Lip gloss – Nice and light. Nude or light pink.
  4. Bronzer or blush for contouring – Not too much darker than your skin tone. A little makes a big difference!
  5. Mascara – This highlights your eyes and finishes up your look.

This is the bare minimum I go out in. It is just enough to make you look polished and pretty, but will also be something you can wear out without being self-conscious!


  1.  Try to use one company for your first cosmetics. Generally whatever you choose will match with other cosmetics from that line.
  2. Match your skin tone. If you rub a tester shade on your wrist, and it matches well (almost disappears) then you have found the right shade!

We will get deeper into makeup in my next post! Feel pretty.