Get a Feminine Face -Your Male Face Will Give You Away

Okay, sissy, I know you think your ample chest (your sexy breast forms) or your big bubble butt are your greatest assets. The fact is, at some point, those you are trying to attract are going to look at your face. If it’s all bumpy, with a five o’clock shadow, it’ll give you away every time. So, how can we conceal what small traces of masculinity you were born with, my pretty sissy girl?

Hide that Five O’clock Shadow

First, we have to get rid of that five’ o’clock shadow! You want to be a sexy strumpet and having a soft and smooth face sets that up for you!  You want to start by wrapping your face in a hot towel for five minutes.  That will open up all the pores, soften the beard and allow a closer shave.  Instead of using shaving crème, try shaving soap or a shaving butter. It goes on much thinner and gives you a closer shave.  Shave both with and against the grain and the direction of hair growth.

Smooth, Soft Girly Skin

Ever notice how sexy, powerful women have that glow about them, how their skin is so soft? After you shave, you want to apply some quality moisturizer (and no, cum is not a moisturizer!). Now it’s time to cover up the stubble. Start with a color corrector to cover up the bluish tint of that shadow. Pink for light skin tones, red for darker. Then several thin coats of a foundation, some loose powder, and a powder foundation.

Now, I know I haven’t given you all the tips and tricks.  Later this month, I will post about all the things for your makeup kit now that you are so deliciously smooth and soft! I know you will feel so femfabulous and beautiful! So remember, next time we will get together your make-up kit. Anytime you can give me a call, and I will watch and guide you through a makeover on cam while I talk you through it!