Today is the day that you declare your Sissy Independence! Ms. Delia wants every feminization fanatic to seize this day and embrace and honor their femininity! Here are 5 things you can do today to feel fabulously feminine.
Here is what I would like you to do. Start your day with a warm bubble bath to cleanse your skin. Remember my sissy spa day? Do something from that blog. Let the scent of your body wash fill the air, calming your nerves. As you step out of the tub, wrap your body in a soft, fluffy, towel. Then, apply lotion to your skin, massaging it into your skin with delicate care.


Preparing for your Sissy Independence Day


Be an independent sissy with Ms. Delia 800-601-6975I want you to wear something pretty and feminine. Therefore, you will head to your closet and pick out something that delights you. Maybe it will be a piece of lingerie, like a pretty panty or even a feminine tank top. Perhaps you really want to show off and pick out your favorite pink dress. Whatever clothing you choose, slide it on and admire yourself in the mirror, loving the way you feel inside your body.
After that, you put on your favorite pair of stilettos. If you do not have stilettos, I want you to get up on your tippy toes to feel the stretch of heels! Feel powerful and confident. Walk around in the shoes or on your tip toes, practicing your strut, making sure to sway your hips with each step as you stride toward your mirror.


Admiring your Sissy Independence


As you stand in front of your full-length mirror, take a deep breath and feel the rush of excitement start inside you. Why? Today is the day that you will declare your Sissy Independence, and I want you to be determined to make it unforgettable.
Attitude is everything, so give me a twirl and a flourish while you take in your reflection, admiring the way your chosen outfit hugs your curves and emphasizes your femininity. I am sure you are ready to giggle at how much more confident you feel in these clothes.
But you know that your journey to sissy independence doesn’t end with just a change of clothes. You need to take ownership of your desires and fantasies. So Ms. Delia says it is time to take things a step further.


Take Ownership of your Sissy Independence


Be an independent sissy with Ms. Delia 800-601-6975You open your drawer, pulling out something naughty, a sexy sissy toy! Maybe it is a naughty chastity device, some nipple clamps, or even a sexy jeweled butt plug.  Choose your toy because you will be wearing it today. You hesitate for a moment, but then you remember Ms. Delia’s words, urging you to embrace your femininity. With a determined nod, you slip on the toy, feeling a rush of excitement.
Take a deep breath in, and feel the sensation of the toy on or inside you as your body slowly adjusts to the sensations. Close your eyes and let out a soft moan, enjoying the feeling of submission and arousal. Remind yourself that this is what it feels like to truly embrace your femininity, and let go of any inhibitions you feel.
As you begin to move around your room, feel the weight of the toy shifting and moving, reminding you of your newfound sense of ownership over your desires. You feel powerful as you embrace your femininity, knowing that you are in control of your own pleasure.
With each step you take, you feel more confident and more in touch with your sissy side. But you know there is more. Always with Ms. Delia there is more! It is time to take your pretty self outside.


Declare your Sissy Independence!


As you head out the door, ready to take on the world and declare your sissy independence, you feel a sense of excitement and freedom that you’ve never experienced before.
You take a moment to compose yourself, and then you pick up a tube of bright red lipstick, and carefully apply it to your lips, making sure to stay inside the lines. You purse your lips and blow a kiss to your reflection.
Now it’s time to step outside and embrace the world, and you know you have done all I suggested and it is perfect! With everything in place, you take a deep breath and confidently step outside, and walk down the street, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Notice the glances from people passing by, but don’t even care because you feel fabulous and feminine! You realize you HAVE declared your Sissy Independence, and that’s all that matters.