You Want To Try On All Of These, Don't You?

You Want To Try On All Of These, Don’t You?

A Story From A Sissy

Just because I’m a woman myself doesn’t mean I take for granted all the benefits there are to being a woman, so I can completely understand why my sissies want to be pretty gurls. A sexy pair of panties and a lace bra make me feel good, so I know they must make you feel good too. One of my sissy callers told me a really hot story that I thought I would share with you about just what convinced him he was a sissy at heart.

Sissy Evolves to The Panty Drawer

Now this caller has a sexy – and dominant – wife. He’s basically a house husband, as she has a very important job. They’ve done tease and denial, some bondage and sexy spanking, and even some anal play. He told me he’s really been finding his interests moving toward cross dressing, and while she was away on a business trip, he raided her panty drawer! He tried on some of her sexy underthings, and slipped into a lacy bra for a sissy – and he felt so happy and sexy. Then he went into the next drawer, and found her garter belts and thigh highs and slid those on. Last, he sat down at her dressing table, and put on some make-up. He said when he looked at himself in the mirror he just couldn’t believe how pretty he felt.

Sissy Gets an Assignment

As he told me all this, I realized his interest in being a sissy may be a passing fancy – or it could be something deeper. Maybe he really wanted to be a sissy house wife! Since his wife was already asserting her dominance with him, and I knew she was already kinky, I gave him an assignment. I wanted him to tell her, as soon as she came home, just what he had done and how it had made him feel. I’m sure she’ll be pleased that he shared this new aspect of himself with her – and she’ll probably take him out shopping for his own sissy clothes!