A Sissified Hands Free Orgasm

IF you’re going to act like a slutty bitch, you should cum like a slutty bitch!  That means no touching or stroking of your sissy clit.  A sissygasm is an orgasm you can achieve through anal penetration.  For some women the key to squirting is the g-spot orgasm.  For a sissy like you, a squirting orgasm is going to come from your p-spot – the prostate.

Limp Sissy Clit

The best part of this handsfree orgasm is that your sissy stick can stay nice and limp.  Since your sissy clit stays limp, it’s a much different feeling than if you were to rub and massage it.  It also takes a bit more time, and technique to achieve the handsfree sissygasm you’re looking for.

How to Give Yourself a Sissygasm

First off, you want a dildo that is as life-like as possible.  The key to a sissygasm is massaging your p-spot.  You don’t want to thrust at it and bang into it.  You want that cock to be gliding over it, scraping it with the ridge at the bottom of you glans on every stroke in and every stroke out.  You’ll need to find the right anal sex position that works for you.  Maybe it’s taking it from behind, maybe on your back, or on your side.  Positioning is different for everyone.  Take your time, relax and experiment.  Pretend you’re with a guy, he has endurance and he wants to fuck you for hours!

And no, a sissygasm isn’t because you dripped a bit.  If you’re not sure what you just did resulted in a sissygasm, then the answer, dear slut, is no, you did not have a sissygasm.  You’ll know when you have one because it will be one of the most amazing experiences you’ve ever had!

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