No More Hard Sissy Clits

You Know You Have No Use For A Sissy Clit

Blue 1 - CopyReal sissies know they have no genuine use for their clits.  There they hang, so small and useless.  I mean, when you really think it about it, your sissy clit is just getting in the way of real men while they’re fucking your sissy ass pussy.  I think there is hardly anything as unsightly as a sissy with an erect clit.  So today, for fun and training, you are going to have your cummies, your sissgyasm with a soft clit. Easy as that! As long as you’re soft, you may make cummies.

Keep That Sissy Clit Nice and Soft

Only you will know if you are cheating yourself and having a sissygasm while that clit is all engorged and  erect.  Don’t get me wrong, Mistress knows when you’ve had cummies without permission, but even I am not omnipotent – I won’t know if that sissy stick was hard or not.  But you really don’t want to cheat your development do you?  Show me how much have discipline you have and edge, then rub, then edge, then rub.  If that sissy clit starts to get hard, stop and let it go soft again.  It will happen if you are patient, you will have that wonderful sissygasm! Of course, you may eat it or leave it in your panties – do not waste your cummies, ever!

Let Me Help You Along To That Sissygasm

I also want you to have something in your pussy and you to be playing with your newly sensitive nipples while rubbing.  It will only help you along. You know that having a sissygasm  while full of cock is a sissy dream come true! Girly thoughts and girly touching of your nipples and sissy pussy while cumming is the path to being a real sissy!