Sissy Nipple Play

Sensitive Nipples

I have been really into nipple play lately.  I think it’s because I have really sensitive nipples.  Seriously, if Jack licks, Blue 3 - Copysucks and gently bites them, just long enough and in just the right way, I can have the most amazing orgasm!  Wouldn’t you like to have very sensitive, responsive nipples just like mine, sissy?

Benefits of Super Sensitive Nipples

I’ve found some sissies – and while Jack’s not a sissy, he falls into this camp, too – just can’t take a lot of nipple play.  However, I’ve also found an exercise that can allow you to engage in more nipple play, and will make them super sensitive to whatever your Dominant – male or female – wants to do with them.  After you’ve done this, your nipples will be super sensitive.  Even in male clothing, you’ll feel your shirt brush against them, and it will send shock waves down to your sissy clit.  And you won’t believe how great they will feel rubbing against a silky shirt or lacy bra!

Nipple Training

You need to go out and find at least one clothespin, two would work better. If you can’t find one, a ‘bag clip’ will work (the kind that keeps chips fresh and sometimes has a magnet for the fridge door). Now, when you first do this, it’s going to hurt…but you are a sissy and sometimes sissies have to endure necessary pain for their development. And I am telling you, the payoff – super sensitive nipples! – will be all worth it in the end.  Put the clothespin over one nipple and slowly let it close, controlling the pressure with your fingers, over 10 – 15 seconds so you can ease into it.   Keep it on there for 1 minute, no longer. Repeat on the second nipple. At first, those nips will be sore, but as you do this daily, increasing the time by 10 seconds every day, they will begin to become more and more sensitive!  Before long, you’ll be walking around with super hard, super sensitive nipples all the time!