Ms. Delia

What Am I Going To Do With This Sissy Slut?

They Turn Into A Slut!

Last week, I gave you a bonus post about a sissy slut Ms. Christine and I use together who lost her anal cherry.  Apparently, once the seal’s broken, all that sluttiness just pours out, because the ink wasn’t even dry on the last post, and she told me how she was searching out cocks to suck and fuck…

A First Date

So today I had my first craigslist date. (Readers, this was like a day – a day! – after the last post!)

I went to J’s house after work. He walked me to his basement guest room (you mean his whore palace) and told me to get comfortable. I was very nervous and while I was looking down to untie my shoes he walked over in front of me.

He wasn’t wearing any pants and his cock was rock hard and pointed at my face (oh, you must have gotten him all excited!  Were you wearing some sexy lingerie – a g-string or some pink panties?)

So instinctively i dropped to my knees and started to suck him off (because “instinctively”, that’s what good sissy slut whores do!) and after a couple of minutes of sucking his cock he pulled me up and turned me around.

Sissy Bitch Ass Action

He told me to bend over and he then proceeded to put his cock in my ass (for a sissy who was a virgin just a few days ago, you seem sure have taken to being ass fucked, haven’t you?). He left it in for 10 seconds and pulled it out. He told me to relax and then put it back in and just left it there for me to get used to for a minute or so (so, sissy, was it a nice, big, thick cock?  Is that why you had to get used to it?  Did it stretch you out more or less than your first?  Details, sissy, details!).  After I started to relax he started to pump away at my ass slowly at first, but then after I started to buck back on him he grabbed me by my sides and started to really fuck me hard. (Well, of course he did sissy, you bucked back and told him how bad you wanted his dick.  He was only giving you what you asked for.  Tell me, did you beg him to fuck you harder, deeper, faster?) This went on for what felt like a long time. After a while he finally came.

Then he pulled his condom off (good sissy – safe sex…Ms. Christine and I are so proud of you!)  and told me he wasn’t done with me yet,  so I dropped back to my knees and got him hard again (doesn’t it feel great to suck on a cock and feel it getting bigger and harder in your mouth and knowing that you’re doing that?). Then he lay down on the bed and told me to climb on. So I got on top and rode and grinded down on his cock for another twenty minutes or so until he came again.  After he came he told me he wanted me to cum with his giant dick in my ass (oh, so it was a big hard, throbbing dick after all!). So I started to jerk off.  When I came it was a huge load – I came all over the place    Then I told him after I cum I lose the desire to have something in my ass any more. So I pulled his cock out of my ass and got off him. Then he told me he wasn’t done with me so he started to suck my cock until I got hard.

Then he turned me around again and told me to bend over,  and fucked me again. After a long time he finished again and showed me to the bathroom and told me to clean up. (oh, you were rode hard and put away wet, weren’t you, messy cum slut sissy!)

He thanked me for coming over and showed me to the door. (Just like a whore.  When they’re all done with you, out the door you go.  At least you got to cum once, huh?)

Later that night I got a text asking if I wanted to come back the next day.

You Must Be A Good Fuck

I mean, your guy came three times, sissy!  You must have an amazing mouth and a tight, hot ass to get him off three times.  And I’m betting you’ve already got another story for me, don’t you?