Rules for Sissies, Part 4

This set of rules is all about getting and keeping a man interested!

Rule#10: A Sissy Must have a Tight Ass

Are you thinking just about the fit of a cock in your sissy pussy?  Well, yes, in one respect, you want to keep a tight ass.  Women do Kegel exercises to keep their pussies tight because a real alpha man doesn’t want to feel, as a cartoon character once put it, “like they’re throwing a hot dog down a hallway!”  But, you also want to entice a man with a nice, round, firm booty.  So, work to keep that ass tight, inside and out, slut!  And make sure you show off that ass in a nice pair of panties.

Rule#11: A Sissy must have Perfect Bimbo Makeup

There is a time for the demure look, but not when you’re on the prowl for cock!  You want the men to know you are ready for sex, and having the right make-up to go along with your slutty outfit will complete the look.  Rouged cheeks, smoky eyes, and  heavily lidded lashes (maybe some false ones to go along with all that mascara) are a great idea.  Remember to finish it off with a nice coating of lipstick – preferably cocksucker red!

Rule#12: A Sissy Grows Big Fake Tits

Speaking of falsies, almost all men are boob men.  They love a nice rack.  You can always try stuffing with tissues or water balloons, but do you really think that’s going to fool anyone?  Of course not!  What you need are a nice, quality set of breast forms.  And, while most men are into breasts, they might be put off by comically huge ones, so no larger than a D cup!