Rules for Sissies – Cock Sucking Edition 2

You didn’t think I was done yet, did you?

Rule 4: A Sissy Doesn’t Forget to Practice

When I was on vacation, we took a tour of NYC, and the guide, as we were passing a particular landmark told the oldest joke there is.  You know the one.  “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice!”  Well, the same is true for sissy cock suckers.  You’re here to please men, and nothing seems to please Alpha males more than a blowjob.  There should never be a day that goes by that you don’t have a cock in your mouth. Whether real or a dildo, practice each day.  So, no men for blowjobs tonight?  Get out your dildo and practice for at least an hour, slut!

Rule 5: Sissies Swallow

Back in Part 1, we talked about how much sissies love cum.  I know some of you love facials, but ultimately, none of that jizz should be wasted! That is just disrespectful to your partner!  So, whether you want him to cum on your tongue or all over your body, ultimately all that spunk should make its way into your tummy.

Rule 6: A Sissy Begs for It

Do you have to beg for it?  Probably not.  Like I’ve said a hundred times before, most men will stick their cock into any wet, warm hole.  However, begging for it makes it so much hotter!  One of the tricks to being a Pro Cock Sucker is to make your partner believe that you want his dick and only his dick.  Beg him to let you suck it…then beg him to give you his cum.  I promise, he’ll have the most powerful orgasm ever!