Sissy Cuckolds

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Your Wife has no Need of Your Sissy Clit

When you told your wife about your sissy fantasy, and how you wanted to be dressed in panties, skirts and high heels, how did you think she was going to react?  She’s never been that impressed with your pindick and now it’s just an (slightly) oversized sissy clit!  She has needs you know.  She’s a sexy woman.  And she needs cock!

Sissy Cuckold

Now, you’re a sissy cuckold.  She started off locking your sissy clit in its cage, dressing you up as a maid and leaving you a list of chores to do while she went out on her dates.  She’d always come home looking freshly fucked, and tell you all about what he did to her, how many times he made her cum, all while watching you struggle in your cage, while you licked the cream pie out of her red, swollen pussy.  Then she started sending you pictures while they were doing it, just to torment you more.  But she had other plans.

Serve the Bull

One night she brought one of her Bulls home with her.  There you were, in bra, panties and thigh highs, kneeling on the floor, while he fondled and groped her.  Then, she reached down into his pants, and simply said, “Well, this won’t do.”  When she pulled out his soft cock, you knew what she meant, but weren’t you surprised when she said, “Sissy, get over here and get him hard.”  As your sissy clit swelled against its cage, and your mouth settled over his cock, you know your humiliation and transformation into a sissy cuckold was complete.