A Sissy Encounter, Part 1

My Sissy Arrives

There you are, sissy!  Standing by the bed just as instructed.  Let me see your outfit… ooo, so many satiny layers you must feel positively TRAPPED in lingerie, don’t you!

Let me walk around you.  Huh, each click of my stiletto heels seems to make you jump a little, hee hee.

The Sissy Presents Herself

Your black satin sissy maid dress is adorable, sweetie, with its ruffles and satin petticoat, the little satin collar and gloves.  Let me loosen the cinched corset back just a little so I can see more of your pretty things.

There we go.  I see one… two… three satin slips!  Pink, black, and then pink again.  You have wonderful taste, sissy honey.  Mmmm there’s that pink satin bra you love SOOOO much.  You wear it for me every time, don’t you?

Filled and taut with those big breast forms you purchased on my command.  Wasn’t that the best use of your sissy dollars?  They make you look so girly!!

Pretty Sissy Legs

What about your legs?  That’s a pretty pattern in those thigh high stockings and I see pink satin on the garter clips.  They look great with those black 4″ stiletto heels you’re wearing.  Don’t high heels make your legs and ass look so sexy? Lift your skirt, honey.  Good girl.  Now we’re getting to it.

I see pink satin big girl panties over the garters and more panties underneath them!  Let me pull down those big full brief panties down to your ankles and see what’s next.  Oooo, those black satin hi cuts are gorgeous!  I think I see something in your panties, darling.  Let’s keep exploring!