A Sissy Hot Spot show is happening this Friday at 7pm eastern. We will be talking about panties, feeling feminine, and may even get a bit naughty too! How do you get in on all the fun? You need to get over to our sexy chat room. If you are a member of Enchantrix Empire, just click the chat tab at the top of the EE interface.

What’s going on at the Hot Spot?

Feminization Mistress Delia

Hot Spot Sissy Show!?

Well, you all recall that I have long wanted to get even the manliest of men into sexy panties, right? Well, I will be discussing exactly how to do that on the show.  You know as a Feminization Mistress, I want everyone as pretty as possible, so here is the program:

Step 1: Buy the Panties!

Step 2: Transition into Panties

Step 3: The Final Step into Panties

For 2014, I encourage you to make a FemFabulous Resolution to get OUT of briefs and INTO panties!

What does Ms. Marilyn have to say about sissies like me?

…and I will quote her

Hot and Sexy Marilyn“One of the many reasons I adore my sissies is that I get to be my naturally girly self and talk about so many things I love- from panties to lipstick and sex toys to cute boys! It’s no secret that I have a severe lingerie addiction, so I find it very fun to teach my girls about the pros and cons of Fully Fashioned Stockings versus Hold Ups and the figure enhancing perks of a well-fitted steel boned corset. I’ve always been a natural at walking in heels, so I adore teaching my sissies how to own those stilettos and strut it like a supermodel!

In my eyes, femininity is an art – I’m my own woman, and I am always pleased to play with a sissy who can say the same about herself! I live for lacy little details, and the way a sensual fabric feels against my skin. It doesn’t get much better than having a gal pal to explore and feel sexy with – unless my strap-on is involved. Then it does get even better!”

Now, make sure you do NOT miss this show! 7pm eastern this Friday night things are going to be hot, sexy, and totally gurly!