A Sissy Knows Her Place

Knows Women are Superior to Sissy

I know how badly you want to be a real girl, sissy, but it’s just not going to happen.  That’s why women will always be superior to you.  You can dress up all you want in the frilliest, sluttiest outfits, you can suck cock just like the sluttiest whores, you can offer up your sissy pussy, but it’s not a real one is it?  And you have a sissy clit, not a real clit.  You must always be submissive to all women, even if they are submissive themselves.

Remember your place sissy!

Sissy Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend! Sissy Services Men!

If you are servicing men, then remember, your role is to provide pleasure to any cock! He is not your boyfriend.  He’s your Master.  Think about it.  He controls you.  You suck his cock and pleasure it on command.  He decides if you get to touch that sissy clit and if you get any pleasure…after he gets his that is!  That’s not a boyfriend, sissy.  That a Male Dom taking control of you!

Remember your place sissy!

Sissy Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend! Sissy has a Mistress!

Any woman who plays with you is your Mistress.  Remember how above I said you will always be inferior to and submissive to all females?  Well, that makes her your Mistress, doesn’t it?  And don’t make the mistake of thinking your fellow sissies are your girlfriends.  They aren’t.  At most, they are your sissy fag friends!  Just like you, they aren’t real girls, so how can they be your girlfriends?

Sissy, remember your place, and know that Mistress Delia will help train you to remember!