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Empress Delia 800 601 6975

Do you want to orgasm like a woman, to have a sissy orgasm…a real feminine orgasm? A sissygasm comes not from stroking like a man, but by squeezing and touching like a girl. Finally there is a sissy tested way to achieve a true sissygasm! Every sissy I chat with wants this type of hot orgasm!

The sissy orgasm

Kegeling is something women do, but it has many sissy benefits! Kegeling is an exciting exercise to get you to orgasm like a girl. Similar to  edging like a man ( but edging IS only for real men, of course) kegeling helps improve the clitty by making it more sensitive to touch, and not having the sissy rely on the stroke. Best yet, it can give intense orgasms without ejaculations!

 First Steps to a sissygasm

First, get into your pretty, sissy panties, relax, and feel sexy. Then find and rub that special sissy spot, which is the most sensitive area on your clitty that gives you pleasure. You can usually find it on top of the sissy stick.

You will rub the sides of the sissy shaft, the top of your sissy stick, and the top of your clitty head.

But, you must avoid rubbing the clitty head, especially the underside of the glans and frenulum. That sensation may be too overwhelming for you, silly sissy! Rubbing this special sissy spot can also give feminine, and intense “dry orgasms.” This is a concept Ms. Delia loves, because the orgasms are dry orgasms like a girl.

 Next Sissygasm Steps

Continue to gently rub the sissy like a woman would rub her clit, in a circular motion, over and over. That sissy clitty can’t help but to get so excited! While rubbing, simultaneously do kegels, squeeze and release that sissy stick muscle, to push more blood into the sissy stick. This will excite the clitty very much!

Practice this technique daily for 30 minutes, or more! I know soon you will not be able to get enough.

Do you want to experience a real sissygasm? Tell me how it feels!