Sissy Trick or Treat

Did you think dressing up would be fun?

Being a slutty schoolgirl for Halloween seemed like something fun.  You’d never really crossdressed  before, but there are lots of guys who dress as girls for Halloween, right?  It’s nothing unusual.  Although, I will say, most of them dress as frumpy housewives, or cat ladies, not as a sexy slut looking for action!  You didn’t find it at all strange that as you slid on the panties and bra, the thigh highs and heels, your sissy clit started stirring?  That a kind of pleasure overtook your mind as you saw yourself in the mirror in your plaid mini-skirt and crop top, ruby red lips, eyeshadow and mascara? Thinking this was just going to be a funny costume was your first mistake.

Trick for the Sissy.

Your second mistake was going over to the neighborhood MILF’s house and entering when she asked you in after you asked, “Trick or Treat!” I mean, she was wearing a leather skirt, bustier, and high heeled boots.  What did you expect?  Well, you had no ideas the tricks she had in store for you!  First, she told you hot, sexy and hot you looked, as she ran her hands over your body.  Before you knew it, she had spun you around and pressed you up against the wall.  Then you felt something around your wrists and heard “CLICK!” as she snapped cuffs on you.  “Oh, a sissy slut like you shouldn’t be allowed out.  You’ll get into way too much trouble…when I have more than enough for you here!”

Treat for the Sissy.

She dragged you down the hall to a room…no, a dungeon!  The next trick, while you protested was slipping in a ball gag, then locking your sissy clit away.  She then easily tied you down to a spanking bench and turned your ass the same shade of red as your panties, saying “Naughty slutty schoolgirls need to be spanked.”

“Oh, don’t worry, sissy, it won’t all be tricks,” she says, “A bunch of my boyfriends are on their way over, and now I have you to fluff all their cocks for me!”  She laughs, “Maybe you’ll get a sweet, creamy treat if you’re good!”