Skirts And Blouses: You’re On Your Way To Being Feminized

Skirts BloisesSo, sissy, are you excited?  We’re so close to having you fully feminized!  We’ve got you wearing panties and bras, sexy thigh highs and pretty shoes.  The foundation is taken care of.  You could stop there, but what we’ve done so far are things you can easily hide.  Or, things you can show off if you just wanted to be a slutty sissy in the bedroom.  However, if you want to strut that sissy slut lifestyle in front of an audience, you’re going to have to go out – and seduce some men!  And you can’t do that in panties, a bra and heels!

Picking Out A Skirt

Last week over at Beg For Mistress, I wrote a post called Is Your Skirt Too Short.  You should probably go and read that to give you some perspective!  The thing about skirts is you can pick out a variety and then mix and match them with blouses to make up different ensembles to suit your mood and what you’ll be doing.  You can get mini-skirts (or even micro-minis) that will barely cover your goods, to skirts with hemlines just above or just below your knee, to ankle length ones.  Material runs the gamut too – from cotton and linen, to sexy leather!

Picking Out A Blouse

Now, we haven’t talked about breast forms at all, and if we’re not going to fill the cups of that bra, you are best off staying away from plunging neck lines with no cleavage to show off, you see!  A high collared blouse can be very useful, covering up your Adam’s apple, and taking attention away from obvious signs you’re a sissy and not a real girl.  And please, if you have a hairy beer belly, stay away from skintight, navel baring halter tops!  Just because it comes in your size doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear it!

Use my pretty new picture as an example of the look you should go for!