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It’s Time To Make You Up Sissy

It’s Time To Make You Up Sissy

Now that we’ve got you all dressed up let’s get you made up, sissy!

Laying The Foundation

First, clean your face with a good facial scrub and then apply a moisturizer.  Give that moisturizer about 5 minutes to sink in – why don’t you rub your sissy . . . → Read More: It’s Time To Make You Up Sissy

Sissy Skin Care

Skincare is Important

As my sissy, you need to take care of yourself.  I want a pretty, sexy little thing, with bright, glowing soft skin.  One way to make sure that skin is well taken care of is to take care of your skin.  Now, read all the way through this post before you . . . → Read More: Sissy Skin Care

Feminization Girl Talk

Mistress Girl Talk

Today Ms. Viv and Ms. Delia had a chance to have some feminization girl talk! It was so much fun to chat for a few minutes about all things femfabulous. Ms. Viv discussed how she was doing lots of things with some sissies at the salon, and even talked about . . . → Read More: Feminization Girl Talk

Advanced Facial Hair Covering

Advanced Feminization Make Up Techniques: Facial Hair Covering.

This is the first in my feminization series course. Over the next several weeks I will help you to feel more femine, to find your best womanly looks, and to get as girlie as you want! We will focus on more advanced feminization techniques to get . . . → Read More: Advanced Facial Hair Covering

Makeup Tip for Eyes

Show Me Those Pretty Eyes!

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. What are your eyes saying about you? Do they look unnatural and give you away, or do they look natural and pretty, the way they should? Let’s talk about how you can make your eyes look just . . . → Read More: Makeup Tip for Eyes