Paint Your Pretty Toes

You deserve to paint your toes and enjoy a pampering pedicure. Why? There are so many ways to be your sissy self without anyone but you and me knowing about it.  You can wear panties under your clothes.  You can keep that sissy clit locked up in a chastity cage, or hidden away with a gaff.  One other way you can indulge in your feminine side is to paint your toes.  It will make you feel all girly, and you can hide them away in a pair of socks!  Let’s make sure you do a good job making those toes pretty!

First, A Pedicure

Should you SHAVE those Legs? :D

Should you SHAVE those Legs? 😀

Now, if you’re just starting out as a sissy, I’m sure those feet are pretty um… manly.  Let’s face it, outside of soaping them up, you haven’t really been taking care of them, now have you?  You need a pedicure!  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with heading down to the local salon and having the ladies there take care of you – men DO get pedicures.  However, if that’s just too humiliating for you, you can do it at home.  Check out my blog post on giving a home pedicure.

Let’s Make Those Feet Pretty

Now that those calluses are gone, that skin is soft and smooth and that unsightly toe hair (EWWWW!) has been removed, we can paint those nails.  I’m giving you two choices – slutty red or sissy pink!  Make sure those feet are completely clean and dry, then put some toe separators and flip flops. If you don’t have toe separators, you can use tissue paper.  What, was it too humiliating to even buy toe separators at the drug store?  You could buy the polish, but not the other things you needed? You need to put on two coats of polish, and make sure with the first coat you wrap over the free end of your toe, so there isn’t any white showing.


There you go sissy, now you have pretty toes, and no one will be the wiser!