You know you want to wear the shortest, sexiest skirts!

You know you want to wear the shortest, sexiest skirts!

Why You Need a Sexy Skirt

Women wear dresses.  Men don’t wear dresses, sissies do, and if you want to become the best sissy, you’re going to need to wear the shortest, sexiest skirts.  Maybe you’ll wear a pencil skirt.  Maybe it will be a plaid skirt, but a sexy, short skirt you will wear.  Because you are my sexy, slutty, sissy bitch!

How Short?

Remember last week we talked about wearing the highest heels?  And the week before that, we talked about sexy underthings?  Well, you should be wearing a skirt short enough to show off what you have.  Those long, toned legs, covered in silky thigh highs.  And do you know what?  I think that skirt should be short enough so the lacy tops of those thigh highs peek out.

You Know What a Sissy Needs

A man.  And how are you going to attract a man if you don’t show him how willing you are to please him?  First impressions count, sissy, and you want him to know right from the start just what a slut you are.  A short, sexy skirt – along with those fuck-me heels will let him know that as soon as he gets you home, you’ll be on your knees with his cock in your mouth.  Right where you belong!

Ms. Delia’s 12-Step Sissy Program


Step 1 – I Need To Be Pretty

Step 2 – I Need To Feel Sexy

Step 3 – I Need To Wear The Highest Heels