Sissy Denial

I’ll help you become the best sissy you can be!

Of Course You Do!

All sissies need to be wanted.  And that’s exactly why you’re here, why you’ve been reading this whole 12-step process, and why, just like an obedient sissy – remember Step 6! – you’ve been following all your instructions.  Dressing sexy, getting yourself into the right mindset.  But it’s not only a Feminization Mistress you need, is it?  No, sissy, you need men to want you as well!

You Need Cock

You’re a cock whore sissy – or you soon will be!  And who has cocks?  Not sissies, sissies have sissy clit and sissy sticks.  Men have cocks, don’t they?  Big, hard throbbing cocks.  Cocks you can wrap your hands around and stroke, while you rub your clit. Because sissy clits don’t gt stroked, so they?  No, they get rubbed.  Rubbed until Mistress tells you you can have a satisfying squirting sissygasm!

What Else Can That Cock Fill

Oh, I know, that empty part of your sissy soul.  But I’m thinking about something more literal.  Can it fill your mouth?  Of course it can.  A hard thick cock to stretch out your jaw and fill your throat.  What else can it fill?  Your sissy pussy, of course!  Maybe you can get four men to need you at once.  Imagine that – does it get you all hot and bothered, thinking about a prick in each hand, and cocks skewering you from both ends?  I’ll bet what really send you off on a mind-blowing sissygasm is thinking about all four of them exploding at once, covering you in cum and filling you up inside, doesn’t it?

Remember my sissy pets, my Featured Mistress Day is coming up this Thursday, September 26th.  If you’ve called LDW before, you can get a free 10-minute call with me! Haven’t called before?  Well now is the perfect time to call and tell me all about how badly you need a man!

Ms. Delia’s 12-Step Sissy Program


Step 1 – I Need To Be Pretty

Step 2 – I Need To Feel Sexy

Step 3 – I Need To Wear The Highest Heels

Step 4 – I Need To Wear The Shortest Skirts

Step 5 – I Need To Wear The Sexiest Lingerie

Step 6 – I Need To Be Obedient

Step 7 – I Need To Be Enslaved