Sissy Denial

I’ll help you become the best sissy you can be!

Sissies Follow Direction

One of the key steps in making a sissy is to make sure they are able, and oh so willing, to follow commands.  If you are going to be a feminized sissy, it is important that you listen to what your sexy femdom dominatrix has to say and follow her instructions.  You’ve already shown me you can do this by embarking on your 12-step sissy journey.

An Obedient Sissy is a Controlled Sissy

You’ve begun dressing as I have told you.  Short sexy skirts, pretty panties and bras, sky-high “fuck-me” heels.  I’ll teach you how to strut like a slut, to show off those wonderful curves, those lean legs and that round ass. You’ll begin more obedience training, as I teach you how to suck cock, and how to present your sissy pussy for anyone to take.  And you won’t touch that sissy clit unless I tell you to, now will you?

Men Love an Obedient Sissy

One they can use, and who will beg for more.  Sometimes they’ll tell you what they want, and other times you’ll just need to know.  Like how they stand in front of you, and push down on your shoulder, bringing you to your knees in front of their cock.  And it’s so very important to show them how much you like being in their control, how you only want to service their needs and desires,  to be the perfect sissy whore for them.  And of course, you know that it makes you all warm and gooey inside, knowing your place.  On your knees, ready for the present of their cock – and their cream!

Ms. Delia’s 12-Step Sissy Program


Step 1 – I Need To Be Pretty

Step 2 – I Need To Feel Sexy

Step 3 – I Need To Wear The Highest Heels

Step 4 – I Need To Wear The Shortest Skirts

Step 5 – I Need To Wear The Sexiest Lingerie