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Sissy Soiree Video

Here is an AMAZING video from Ms. Erika to tell you all about it!

I will keep this post pinned until the party is over next Friday.

How Did You Become A Sissy, Part 1

How Did You Become  A Sissy, Part 1

It’s not always a cruel, dominating, humiliating girlfriend who leads you down the sissy path.  Sometimes it’s your supportive, helpful girl friend…and her group of friends. A sweet sissy told me her story down sissy lane, and I want to share it with my FemFabulous readers! . . . → Read More: How Did You Become A Sissy, Part 1

It’s Time To Make You Up Sissy

It’s Time To Make You Up Sissy

Now that we’ve got you all dressed up let’s get you made up, sissy!

Laying The Foundation

First, clean your face with a good facial scrub and then apply a moisturizer.  Give that moisturizer about 5 minutes to sink in – why don’t you rub your sissy . . . → Read More: It’s Time To Make You Up Sissy

Skirts And Blouses

Skirts And Blouses: You’re On Your Way To Being Feminized

So, sissy, are you excited?  We’re so close to having you fully feminized!  We’ve got you wearing panties and bras, sexy thigh highs and pretty shoes.  The foundation is taken care of.  You could stop there, but what we’ve done so far are things you . . . → Read More: Skirts And Blouses

Sissy Needs Some Shoes

Sissy Needs Some Shoes

Perfect Pump

Shoes Are Sexy

We’ve got you comfortable wearing panties, bra and hosiery.  You’ve been a slutty sissy, wearing sexy versions of all three.  Some guys don’t care, but for some, to really turn them on, we need to complete the look with some sexy shoes. For your . . . → Read More: Sissy Needs Some Shoes