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Sissy Needs Some Shoes

Sissy Needs Some Shoes

Perfect Pump

Shoes Are Sexy

We’ve got you comfortable wearing panties, bra and hosiery.  You’ve been a slutty sissy, wearing sexy versions of all three.  Some guys don’t care, but for some, to really turn them on, we need to complete the look with some sexy shoes. For your . . . → Read More: Sissy Needs Some Shoes

Easy Access Panties And Hose

Easy Access In Panties And Hose How to Wear Them

Last post, we got you some sexy, silky hosiery.  I know you picked up some thigh highs and I know you already have some sexy thongs, tanga and crotchless panties for sexy time.  The first thing to discuss is how a slutty tart like you . . . → Read More: Easy Access Panties And Hose

Sissy Pantyhose

Sissy Pantyhose

Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

It’s Time for Pantyhose, Sissy

Are you comfortable in your panties? Well, we started out with men’s briefs without that annoying fly in the front, and you graduated to wearing boy shorts.  We even got you into some sexy thongs and g-strings!  Are you feeling comfortable in those . . . → Read More: Sissy Pantyhose

G-strings, Thongs And Other Sexy Panties

G-strings, Thongs And Other Sexy Panties Time To Get Sexy, Slutty Panties


Last post, we got you some boy shorts, and you’ve been wearing those pretty regularly, haven’t you?  And I cautioned you against thongs and G-strings….well, unless you were really a micro-penised sissy!  As I wrote then, they just aren’t comfortable . . . → Read More: G-strings, Thongs And Other Sexy Panties

Crossdress and Get Panties

I Mean it is TIME to Get Real Panties

These are sexy panties!

We’ve been working you up slowly, my wannabe sissy, starting out with turning you into a panty boi.  So far, we just had you get some feminine male briefs – no fly, no seams, maybe made out of microfiber or . . . → Read More: Crossdress and Get Panties